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For all enquiries, email me at enquiries@glynnorigami.co.uk

I really enjoy the challenge of commissioned origami projects. I've worked on a wide variety of projects such as...
  • Television work
  • Advertising
  • Teaching groups and classes (all ages)
  • Cards and gifts
  • Designing models to order
Whatever you require, just ask. I am happy to consider anything!

Feel free to email me with any questions. Alternatively you can find more contact details on my business web site, www.glynnconsulting.co.uk.

Here I am with BBC presenters Mark and Kirsten on the set of the SMart program. Despite suffering rotten cold, I had a fun day and the filming went really well. You can see diagrams for the penguin on the CBBC web site.

Here is a ship I designed as part of a series for British Airways. The models were used to illustrate an article for their in-flight magazine, 'The High Life'. This was a test piece folded from Chinese funeral money, the final models were all folded from real currency.

Home page